All-Roofs Northwest was established in 1985 by Richard Widmer and Carol Jacobs, a pair of native Oregonians who will be celebrating their own twenty-third anniversary this year along with the company's twenty-fifth. It's hard even for us to believe, but we've been serving our home-town for quality roofing for a solid quarter-century, now! That kind of investment in the community has built up a lot of experience for us over the years.

For instance, we're the longest continuously-operating membrane roofing installer in Lane county. We helped pioneer membrane roofing in Lane county, and we've installed just about every type in every situation you could imagine. In fact, we have installed over 2.1 million square feet of membrane roofing in Oregon since we started doing so in 1989.

Our other specialty is metal roofing. We've been installing these reliable, durable roofs since before it was cool, folks. We started installing them right from the get-go in 1985, and now we've got over 750 metal application sites under our belts.

Of course, we install and troubleshoot architectural and composition shingles of all types as well. There's really no keeping track of how many residential and commercial shingle applications we've done in the last quarter-century--enough to say, though, that we've seen it all.

The bottom line is: if you want reliable, local craftsmanship keeping your building dry, if you want a roofing contractor who'll be around to honor their warranties without giving you the big-business runaround, there's only one great choice: All-Roofs Northwest.